trying to stay mentally/emotionally healthy.

i have been doing my best and trying my hardest to remain healthy and positive mentally and emotionally since being so sick. i only slept 3-4 hours last night, though, because i was in so much pain it took me forever to get to sleep and i kept waking up from the pain. i have come to realize over the years of figuring myself out and how to stay healthy that sleep is a HUGE deal in the role of that. so as tired as i now am today, i am trying my best to stay awake all day today so that hopefully i’ll be tired enough to sleep tonight despite the pain.

i know i said in my first post that i would upload some of my transition videos, and i will try to get to that still this weekend.

i’m spending time with my mom today while my dad is out of town. i’m trying to conserve energy today because tomorrow i have plans to go to church in the morning, (my mom is coming for the first time there with me!), and then go to a friend’s house after service with a group of people that want to help in planning a benefit music/drag performance show in the next couple months to try and raise some money for my surgery. i am so, so grateful that they offered and are taking the time out of their day to come share a meal and help brainstorm with me. the support of the people in my life right now is definitely what’s getting me through this. as well as my faith and God. i know that God and the universe will help me figure out how to get the money for this surgery as soon as possible.

while i wasn’t sleeping last night, i applied online at three local credit unions for loans that would cover a part of the surgery amount. i’m hoping to hear the results this week. due to unfortunate circumstances, i don’t have the best credit right now, so i know the odds are against me, but anything would help at this point. i’ve been and plan on continuing to keep praying on it.

well, i guess that’s all for now. maybe i’ll try to update tonight. i’m looking forward to my girlfriend getting off work so we can go home and do some cleaning and cook dinner together.



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