8 Months on HRT Tomorrow

It has been a stressful last week, with a lot of family issues going on. I’ve also been helping my best friends out as they are dealing with some things as well. I have been glad to help them out as I enjoy spending time with them and their two little ones and it also it has been a good distraction for me and staying busy has proven to be what I needed lately.

So with being so busy, I completely forgot that tomorrow is my official eight months on testosterone. I had gotten mixed up on weeks at some point during my transition, probably due to lack of video updates around the time and recovery time after my hysto, but am back on track as of tomorrow as it is eight months for sure. So, as I have the time today and tomorrow is just completely booked almost so far, I’ve decided I’ll be making a short update video in a little bit, and I’ll just post it here when I’m done. I’ll include a link to my youtube channel as well so you can see my transition videos in between. Although, there’s probably more of a drastic difference if you just watch the pre-testosterone video and then eight months, ha. 

I have therapy this afternoon, which is always a relief. Tomorrow will be the support group for trans guys ran by my therapist, and then another group therapy later in the day. Anyway, will post the video in a little bit.


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